Yamato Noodle Machines


The Eureka Cooking Lab is the appointed distributor for Yamato Noodle Machines in South East Asia  and all mandarin-speaking terrorities including China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Machines that we carry includes:-

yamato_ramen_machineRamen Making Machines

RICHMEN Type I / LM10062I
(All-in-one Model)

The Richmen 1 Ramen Making Machine is the most popular model used in various ramen restaurants in South East Asia. This machine is also capable in making certain types of Udon and Soba noodles.

Output (servings per hour) : 100 ~ 150
Outer dimension : W1,103 x H1,320 x D765 mm
Weight : approx. 290kg
Power supply : Standard model: single phase – 100V / 0.84KW
Other version available : UL, NSF, CSA, CE

Udon Making Machine

(All-in-one Model)
The Wakadasho is the must-have machine all restaurants that are serious in serving high quality udon noodles. The Wakadasho can also be used to make thicker ramen noodles like Tsukemen.

Output (servings/hour) : 150 ~ 200
Mixer & Press Capacity : 8kg (flour)
Outer dimension : W:1120 x H:1330 x D:840 mm
Weight : approx. 400kg
Power supply : 150V single phase

SOBA_MACHINESoba Making Machine

(All-in-one Model)

Output (servings/hour) : approx. 200
Mixer & Press Capacity : 8kg (flour)
Outer dimension : W:1190 x H:1420 x D:930 mm
Weight : approx. 530kg
Power supply: 100V / 1.59 kW single phase
Other version available : UL, NSF, CSA, CE


We also carry other noodle making accessories including water softeners and dough aging machines. Contact us for more details.

  • Yamato MFG Co. Ltd

    Yamato MFG in Singapore

    Yamato MFG is the only company in the world that helps individuals succeed in the Noodle business. Yamato MFG has the largest market share in noodle making machines in Japan, and a noodle school that has trained over 1,000 students with many graduates operating top ramen restaurants in Japan and worldwide.

  • Benefits of owning a Yamato Machine

    Why Yamato Noodle Machines?

    With Yamato Noodle Machine, the users can assume all the 8 benefits that come with their machines.
    >> Cost Savings
    >> Fresher, Better Noodles
    >> One machine makes different noodles
    >> Easy To Use
    >> Compact in size
    >> Safety & Certified
    >> 100% Japan-made
    >> Long-term Support

  • Noodle Making Video

    Noodle Making Video