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Why you should sign up now?
Sign up as early as possible! It is good to sign up as soon as you can because:-

  1. There are only 8 seats per class
  2. Once your seat is confirmed, you will receive the textbooks to help you start your preparation. As the 5-day course is very intensive, it is important that you read up on the textbooks and some of the materials that we will be providing you.
  3. A list of commonly used ingredients will be provided to you so you can start sourcing for these ingredients. This way, you know what is available and what is not locally.
  4. Some students even bring along their local ingredients so our instructors can help them to create recipes with locally-available ingredients.

Deadline for the application form: 2 weeks from the starting date
Deadline for preliminary surveys : 1 week from the starting date


  1. To secure your seats, kindly assist us by filling up the online application form here.
  2. Once you have send in the application, appreciate if you can make arrangements for the payment for the course. The course fee is S$5,350 inclusive of 7% taxes.
  3. Upon receiving your payment, you will receive:-
    • Textbooks to read
    • List of ingredients that we will be using so you can start sourcing for them in your country. We want you to use ingredients that are available locally before deciding to import them from Japan.
  4. Fill up the pre-class survey so we can understand your expectations. Our instructors will also prepare the ingredients according to what you want to create.
  5. Decide if you want to attend the ramen restaurant training to gain actual ramen restaurant experience. Understand the workflow, the manpower rostering and even managerial duties. We recommend 2-4 days of training.
  6. As the Yamato Ramen School Alumni, you will receive ongoing support and advice from us. If you need further assistance is recipe development, you can even attend the course again at no charge*!

*subjected to availability of seats.