5-day Intensive Ramen Cooking Course
by Yamato Ramen School


ramen school in singapore by Yamato

Japan’s renowned noodle school has reached the shores of Singapore. Since 2016, Yamato Noodle School, in partnership with The Eureka Cooking Lab, has been conducting professional Japanese Ramen courses for individuals and companies whom are exploring the ramen business in Singapore. Many of our graduates have started their own ramen business since.

The intensive 5-day course that is taught in English is designed to equip the participants with the know-how that will traditionally require years to acquire. Learn to make everything from scratch.

When & How to sign up?
13th Nov to 17th Nov 2017 – FULL!
8th Jan to 12th Jan 2018 – Registration is open!
For Feb and March classes, contact us!


Who should attend?
– Individuals who are keen to set up their own ramen business
– Existing chefs whom want to enhance their knowledge in ramen cuisine

Prior culinary experience is not necessary. Yamato & TECL adopt a scientific approach to cooking. Throughout the course, the instructors will explain the scientific principles behind the recipes and processes so participants understands why things are done in a specific way. The course will also reveal the instruments used in our scientifically-driven ramen kitchen so the entire cooking process is less chef-dependent.

Course Outline
1. Soups
Learn the structure of ramen soup (base broth + base sauce + flavored oil). Learn how to make the basic types of base broths (pork-based, chicken-based, vegetable-based & fish-based), base sauce (motodare) and flavored oils using the Yamato methods. Finally, we teach how to blend these components to develop a complete and great ramen soups that sell.

2. Noodles
Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by understanding the ingredients, science, processes, and techniques of making good noodles. You will learn how to make various types of authentic noodles from scratch by practical training on the most-advanced noodle machines.

3. Toppings
Learn how typical toppings, char shiu (slices of meats – pork, chicken, etc.) flavoured eggs, etc. are made.

4. Menu Development
Ramen is not a complete product unless noodle, soup, toppings are put and matched together. Also, presentation is critical in enhancing the image of ramen dishes, making customers willing to pay more. At the last class of practical training, we teach menu development to complete your original dishes and recipes.

5. Ramen Restaurant Management
Imparting Mr. Kaoru Fujii’s philosophy of Ramen / Udon Restaurant Management is part of the training you will receive over the 5 days of training. Be equipped with the following:-
a) Developing a concept for your ramen restaurant
b) Financial projections and analysis
c) Kitchen design and workflow
d) Manpower and scheduling

Instructional Method
Lecture & Hands-on session, limited to 10 participants per session.
Materials and ingredients are provided.
All modules are conducted In English language. Our instructors are able to speak Mandarin and will be able to assist participants whom may prefer to use Mandarin as their primary language.

Course Fee
For this course only – S$5,350 per participant (inclusive of 7% taxes)
For this course + Udon Course – S$6,955 per participant (incisive of 7% taxes)
<To find out more about our Professional Udon Course – Click here>

Optional- Restaurant Training
Sign-up for on-the-job training at one of Singapore’s oldest ramen restaurant – Men-Tei Ramen. Be exposed to real-life operational environments and be prepared for your first ramen business. Cost of this training is S$200 per day.

Complimentary Noodle-Soup pairing consultation!
For those whom are keen to explore using a Yamato noodle machine in their restaurant, our instructors will be around to help you develop noodle recipes that matches your soups. Just bring your flour and noodle making ingredients. This complimentary noodle-soup pairing consultation will happen on the 6th day, on a one-to-one basis. Contact us for more details.

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